Chiropractic Care at Westlake Chiropractic and Massage

At Westlake Chiropractic and Massage, we offer advanced spinal correction by providing the most current chiropractic tactics here in Austin, Texas. With the help of our state-of-the-art technology, we are equipped to provide our patients with early diagnosis and safe, adequate treatment by Dr. Amy Hess.

Dr. Hess has been a Doctor of Chiropractic in Austin for several years, and has numerous years of training and experience in spinal adjustments for adolescents and adults of all ages.

Corrective Exercises at Westlake Chiropractic and Massage

Each of our patients are educated on customized postural and spinal re-patterning exercises. These corrective exercises can be enjoyed in the privacy and comfort of your own home to help sustain and correct your unique condition, and enhance the effectiveness of your spinal correction as much as 30-40%!

Our daily habits, history of past sports, or accident injuries can cause the muscles and other soft tissues throughout our bodies to become strained or weakened by postural imbalance. Dr. Hess customizes a care plan for each patient that includes posture correction, core exercises, and stretches that will guide your body on the return to vitality and the best health possible.

Massage Therapy at Westlake Chiropractic and Massage

We offer one of the highest quality clinical massages in Austin! Our exceptionally trained massage therapists will review your areas of concern thoroughly and develop a massage for your distinct trouble areas. For our existing patients, Dr. Hess and our therapists work side-by-side to ensure that you get the highest quality wellness experience available in Austin!

Lifestyle Advice at Westlake Chiropractic and Massage

At Westlake Chiropractic and Massage it is our goal to assist each patient in achieving their healthiest life potential! We firmly believe our lifestyle advice services enables you to experience an increase in your over-all state of well-being. Our advice ranges from exercise to sleeping positions, backpack fitting to goal-setting. We understand that every patient comes with a unique set of issues and it is our goal to assist them achieve the best health through a customized approach.

Nutritional Coaching at Westlake Chiropractic and Massage

Our diet is essential to our health from the inside-out. Is dairy a reliable source of calcium? What are the essential fats for healing and healthy aging? Dr. Hess has an enthusiasm about nutrition and loves providing her patients with recommendations on healthy food choices and nutritional supplements to amplify their return to maximum health! She will assist in navigating the waters of nutritional information and provide you with the best options possible. Our team knows the road to health can be misleading and we want to help you find what is best for you!

Spinal & Postural Screenings at Westlake Chiropractic and Massage

Westlake Chiropractic and Massage participates in chiropractic health screenings at local events in the Austin area. You can find us at some of the local health fairs, workplaces, and fitness centers. A simple chiropractic health screening or workshop can unveil underlying health information and initiate you on the path to better health and well-being. Get in touch with us today to set up a chiropractic health screening at your next event or in your workplace.

Therapy at Westlake Chiropractic and Massage

Our chiropractic care plans are customized to fit the need of the patient. These care plans are complemented with tailored therapy for the related soft tissues and muscles. This increases the true effects of our specific chiropractic adjustment treatment plan and provides longer lasting health and healing. We provide the following therapeutic procedures in our office:

·         Massage

·         Core strength instruction

·         “Spinal Hygiene” and rehabilitation programs

·         Intersegmental Traction